Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gotta Have S'More

I know thus far this food blog has been devoted to things you can prepare at home.  However, this weekend I had the most incredible dessert and unfortunately, or fortunately - depending on your perspective, you'll have to buy this one.  I was at the P.S. Arts fundraiser "Express Yourself" and one of the generous vendors who was there giving away her baked goods, was Carmen Lindner, the CEO of a new company called "Gotta Have S'More."  She makes a product called a S'Muffin which is basically a S'More in the shape of a muffin.  It was really good.  Seriously.  A nice crunchy graham cracker crust, semi-sweet chocolate in the middle, and toasted marshmallow on the top.  Stuff this good should be illegal.  If you're interested check out her website, Gotta Have S'More.  Don't blame me if you gain ten pounds.  Oh, and she's already agreed to come to Planned Parenthood's Shop for Choice and Planned Parenthood's Food Fare.  Is she great or what?


  1. I'd probably eat one of those.

    Ever had the s'mores ice cream pie at Tart? Good stuff.

  2. No. I wonder if Tart is coming to Food Fare. I need to check.