Friday, October 30, 2009

The London Borough Market

We spent 11 weeks this past summer living in London. We adored the London Borough Street Market. If you love food, this market is a must-see. The food offerings are remarkable and the energy within the market is terrific. People seemed sincerely happy to be working there, and the visitors to the market have a decidedly positive buzz. Although the place is covered there are a number of huge skylights and as a consequence the light inside was perfect for photography. I spent two very happy Saturday mornings shooting and tasting beautiful food. These are some of the shots I took.

I couldn't believe how cute these little cookies were. Nicely crunchy and lightly sweet they were both cute and tasty which is quite the combo.

Ah yes, more adorable cookies. Same baker.

I'm not sure what these are and I forgot to ask.

These are Middle Eastern and made with chick peas.

Neal's Yard Dairy sits just adjacent to the Borough Market
and should not be missed either.


  1. All great photos, but I especially love the last one, especially at full size. Brilliant colors. That belongs in a frame!

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment. I could have spent another week shooting in that particular market.

    I love your name, "your escalator operator," though I'm not certain what an escalator operator does. There really isn't much to operate, is there?

  3. Rachel, you might be on to something there ;) The "operator" name probably will never make sense, but the story behind the escalator part is in my first blog post, here:

    Have a great weekend.